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Marquette: A place where innovation opportunities are as expansive as the horizon

Here’s Why Marquette Could Be Your Business’ Home Base

Why is it that when we think about top tech and innovation hubs, our minds immediately go to the Seattles, the Chicagos, the New York Cities of the world? There’s something to be said for a place where ideas actually have the space to grow, the air to breathe, and the community to drive these ideas home.

When you pair space and access to a balance lifestyle with high speed internet, workforce development opportunities, and transportation hubs like an international airport and state highways you add fertilizer to soil that breeds substantial growth.

In Marquette you’ll not only find a farm to table community where small business thrives but a state university, modern office and co-working space, a robust entrepreneurial community, and connection to state-wide resources for your innovative ideas to blossom.

Welcome to Marquette, a place that pairs that beloved small-town feel with big city innovation. Here, the opportunities are as endless as the Lake Superior horizon.

Get to Know Marquette’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

An entrepreneurial ecosystem is when a diverse group of people, businesses, and systems all work together to support the creation and growth of new ideas and opportunities within their community. In order for an ecosystem to succeed, it needs to have the right people, technology, capital, and infrastructure in place.

That’s why Innovate Marquette works closely with a wide variety of economic development organizations and ecosystem partners throughout the state of Michigan to supply our growing community with everything it needs to flourish.

At Innovate Marquette, we are dedicated to bridging the gap to gaining access to the resources, technology, and capital necessary for entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses of all industries and sizes to call Marquette home.

Learn more about local companies growing in Marquette.

This collaborative effort between Make it Marquette and Connect Marquette connects local volunteer ambassadors with newcomers to the area, sharing insight into Marquette’s real estate and rental markets, community events, year-round recreational activities, and schools and childcare options.

Local Links are core members of Marquette’s community, a diverse group of locals who bring different interests, experiences, backgrounds, and a shared love for the Queen City.

If you’re ready to make the move to Marquette, but you’re not quite sure where to start — look no further. Here’s a comprehensive guide to relocate to the U.P.’s largest city!

Marquette-Based Resources

Innovate Marquette partners with a variety of organizations to provide additional support, resources, and opportunities for entrepreneurs, innovators, and businesses in the Marquette area.

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