Make It Marquette

Intentionally Growing Marquette’s Innovative Community

Make It Marquette was created in 2021 by Innovate Marquette SmartZone to attract, retain, and support the people and ideas that will shape the future of the business economy in Marquette, Michigan through telling the stories of those living, working, and starting businesses in Marquette.

  • A remote worker and business attraction campaign 
  • A celebration of the businesses and people of Marquette
  • A declaration toward economic development that supports those here already, and those making a move to be there
  • A commitment to grow this community with intentionality

Marquette is the largest city in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, 20,000 strong: big enough to be recognized by mainstream media and entrepreneurial circles as a focal point of American potential, and small enough that every person brave enough to pursue their own goals can make an impact. With a business, tech, and entrepreneurial ecosystem established and growing, broadband across the entire region, and ample space to enjoy an active and outdoor lifestyle, Marquette is an ideal place for those looking to move their innovative business into a rural location.

This remote worker and business attraction campaign was launched first, to celebrate the businesses and people of Marquette, and second, to declare our commitment to authentic economic development that supports those here already, and those making a move to be there. It’s a commitment to grow this community with intentionality. We’re doing that by working with partners across the public, private, and the economic development landscape, and to attract those who’ll appreciate this place as much as we all do.

Why is IMQT Passionate About This?

We’re here to foster and promote an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Marquette and the greater Upper Peninsula. Within that mission lies an affinity to technology-focused startups and the digital community. Remote work and business attraction brings jobs, capital, and opportunity to the people already here while welcoming those looking for a place to plant roots. The beauty of Make It Marquette is that it’s designed to bolster the business economy that’s here – those jobs that folks can physically go to – and to attract those who can choose anywhere thanks to remote work. The beauty of remote work is its open borders; it can be for a new person choosing Marquette, or an NMU grad who wants to stay but studied in a field that doesn’t yet have a physical presence here. Either way, we want them to Make It Marquette.

Local Links Program

Marquette Local Links is a collaborative effort between Make it Marquette and Connect Marquette. This newly launched ambassador program connects individuals who are in various stages of moving to Marquette with local ambassadors to help newcomers feel welcome and connected. Local Links are members of our community who already chose to live, work, and play in our Queen City. They are a diverse group of individuals with different interests, experiences, and professional backgrounds but they all share a common thread: their passion for Marquette.

Relocation Guide

We know the prospects of moving to a new place can be overwhelming, no matter where and when it may be. That’s why we’ve worked with our partners around town to create this comprehensive relocation guide, to answer your most pressing questions. From housing to childcare, job and remote work resources to local food markets, scroll below to access a guide to living in Marquette, MI.

People of Marquette Series

To learn more about the people who make our community thrive see our People of Marquette series.